Used BMW diesel with high mileage

    Looking to purchase a second hand 3 or 5 series BMW, preferably diesel in the 2.5l or 3l engines, between 2005-2008 with approx 90k / 100k miles on the clock (obviously because they are cheaper).

    As long as the car comes with full service history and a valid MOT - should I expect issues or is it a safer bet than most other manufacturers?

    Thanks in advance


    Erm you don't understand what high mileage is for a BMW do you?

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    Erm you don't understand what high mileage is for a BMW do you?

    No. Which is why I'm asking on here.

    You'll be good for many many years with them miles. My mates 520d has close to 200k miles.
    Like you say as long as it has full service and plenty receipts showing work whats been done and its been cared for you have no worrys.
    The 320d and 520d are the cheaper ones, 335 and 535d especially in the M Sport are still big bucks but cracking cars

    90k on a 08 diesel car is less then average miles! I have worked on bmws with over 300k on them.

    My husband BMW isn't a diesel but the mileage on that is coming up to 200k. Anything goes wrong with it he can repair it worse luck as I want him to buy a new car that's cheaper to run.

    Go for the lci face-lift version of 5 series. 2007 on. Better engines and gearboxes.

    I have loved all my BMWs which I have done high milages in - normally get them around the 100000 mile mark and drive until about 250000 , my first 2 were the e39 5 series (3l and 2.5) which had the M57 engine - fantastically reliable so I now have the 730d 2005 model which has the same engine with the cam chain at the front (cam tensioners a big problem on the 2l versions and now they are at the back of the engine so you can not fix them easily), also look into swirl flaps as also a problem as they fall into the engine! I do all the work on my car myself and personally hate the electronics on the bmw as it is the cause of all my problems (far to complicated) and the automatic gearbox is very poor (and expensive to service in comparison to a manual)
    so basically my advice is only get a BMW if you can afford the costs - 100000 miles - 150 with a 3l engine is a good mileage to buy at staging the cost- or get a Nissan which will cost less and be cheaper to fix with no stupid electronics to continuously go wrong! (ie I fancy a nissan qashqai next time I go buying)
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