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Posted 13th Jan
Does anyone know good car dealers in Midlands for used cars?

Don't just want to throw away money at big brands but what are your thoughts about them?
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Motorpoint are excellent now and recommend on here quite often. We got our car from them direct from the manufacturer with less miles than we could get from a dealer and saved over £6k on the dealer price
I bought my car from Motorpoint, seemed like quite a good deal price wise... although it was quite a faff afterwards as it only came with one key so had to get AA to come out and re-programme a second key (their cost). Also, if you have a private reg you have to pay a ‘bond’ to them so when you transfer the reg to your new car, you have to send the replacement v5 form back to them to release the funds, takes a few weeks so you’re still hanging about & chasing money (which then went onto my credit card and had to arrange a bank transfer as I was then in credit). Service book was also incomplete so had to send it back and get the log book updated and returned to me. Not sure if that’s all normal, this is only my 5th car in 20 years of driving! Just felt like an ongoing hassle for the first few weeks
Finding a used car dealer in the Midlands is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman
I'd say they're all the same. Buy on condition and warranty. When it comes to an issue, they're all usually as weaselly as each other.
Hi I bought from small independent garage in Sellyoak Birmingham name Smallbone and sons Highly recommended not pushy and a rare commodity in the trade honest. Will buy again from them even though I live in London
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I used Derby Vehicles and was pleased.

I drove from Leeds and they let me view the car on a Sunday (appointment only). They let us test drive it on our own (leaving our car there) which was good. Included a 12 month warranty (with a national company). Also was supposed to come with a fresh mot which they couldn't do on a Sunday so I bought the car and they did the mot and delivered the car to me in Leeds a few days later for free. They also offered to let me take it that day and they knock the mot price off so I wouldn't have to wait and could have it done locally. I opted for them to do it as they'd have to get it to mot standard as it was sold with 12 months mot vs it failing once I've already accepted it (it passed fine and has done again since).

It was my first time using a car dealer and I wasn't expecting a good experience from reading around but ended up happy.

I found and messaged them through ebay, I also offered a few hundred less which they accepted. Only just over 5% less but it was a reasonable price already anyway and few hundred isn't to be sniffed at.
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Try motorpoint.
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