Used Car wanted....

    Hi All

    Wishing for some help and advice from you guys.

    Wanting to buy a used car:

    Liking the Seat Leon, but has to be a new shape, and in black. Really wishing for a car with a bit of *jazz*. So will consider something simillar. Cheapest I've found is approx £7000 ish.

    Know the above is not a great description but it's a start!

    Thanks in advance.


    got a ferrari enzo, 15000 miles you can have it for 50 quid

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    Can you not post, if you are going to be unhelpful - it's not funny, rather sad.

    If you know something about cars or know someone who does, Thiefbay is actually quite good as long as you avoid the ridiculously overpriced classifieds. Otherwise try [url][/url].

    Sarah, what's your budget?

    And if you're under 25, insurance is something to consider...

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    appox £6000.

    have you conisdered Auction - you may get it cheaper i.e. it will be HPI checked, still have manufatures warranty etc?, take a mate who is switched on and you could save ££s

    hi so how about this car the peugeot 407 2 l and has 40 000 miles on clock and all motd, taxed ,and fullservice history . it is a 54 model , and is in immaculate condition full alloys and all electric pack .…41/

    and for a whopping £4400


    My Top 3;

    1. Honda 2005 Civic Type S
    2. Audi A3 2005 2.0TDCi
    3. Renault Clio 1.4 16v

    Or, of course, you could just buy the Seat Leon...

    ]Seat Leon

    If you can a month or two you should be able to name your price...;)

    as froggie says, wait til feb/march when the 09 REG's come out. if you have anything to trade thats good too - Also CASH sale is good as you can name your price tbf.

    in my experience, find one you like for sale. Say its £6000, and feb 09 with no part-ex - start at just above £4.7/k and see what he says. Your real target you wanna pay is somewhere in around £5k no more. 15% off is just over £5k

    NEVER pay the screen price of a car always take at least 10% off.

    I bought a X REG Cilo 3 years since, for £2060 priced £2495, tnt and mot'd for 12months

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    Many thanks for the v.helpful comments - making me have a proper think. Will post back on here, for more advise before I purchase it! Thanks again.
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