Found 20th Jul 2008
Looking for a used renault clio, more specifically a 5d grande 98-01, less than 80 000 for under £1500. I've looked at all the obvious sources, such as local news agents, ebay, and but I've found nothing worthy that is within 50miles of oxford.

Where else can i look?

it needs to be 5d as I need to be able to attach roof racks, and the grande is a decent one with a low insurance group and has a decent average mpg

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shame, i have a 3 dr 99 v plate that i was going to sell in a the next few months. south wales though. good luck

have you tried [url][/url]


Bob into your local renault garage and ask the Salesman to keep his eye out for one. When they get trade ins they will go straight to auction at a cut down price, so they will snap at the chance of making book price on a trade in. :thumbsup:

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masterruckus i live in cardiff so thats not a problem, send me a pm with some details, i might be interested. do your rear windows open?

(i asked for oxford as thats where im at this summer at my parents)
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