(Used to be a) Rockstar ........Parody

    Sung to the tune of Nickelbacks '' Rockstar''

    .(Used to be a) Rockstar - Song Parody


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    I'm through with snortin' a line
    And chugging litres of gin
    And readin' stories in the paper
    'Bout my life of sex and sin
    Still, it hasn't turned out
    Quite the way I that thought it would be

    (tell me what it's like)

    I got a great big house
    Out here in Beverley Hills
    That my fifth ex wants to pay the divorce bills
    And you've seen the pictures, 'cause I got
    No privacy

    (yeah, so what you need)

    I wanna give it all up, but I can't give them in
    I filled my nicorette patch with amphetamine
    I was climbin' real high, but
    I fell right outta the tree

    (Been there done that)

    I got splinters from smashing up an old guitar
    And a blocked-up nose from snorting caviar
    And a flippin' flippin' quad bike
    Very nearly killed me

    (So why'd you do it?)

    I won't deny that I've had mucho fun
    But I look eighty-four although I'm thirty-one

    'Cause I'm a washed-up wannabe ex-rockstar
    Now I lost my license when I crashed the car
    The girls were easy and the drugs were cheap
    Now I gotta take a dozen pills to get to sleep
    And I've had enough of hangin' out in bars
    And I got mouth cancer from the big cigars
    Every old gold digger's
    Had a piece of me
    Every week-long wife
    Wants alimony
    You know..
    Hey hey I used to be a rockstar
    Hey hey I used to be a rockstar

    But after one night partying with my groupies
    I picked up twenty-seven diff'rent STDs
    Check into the clinic
    Try and get my d*** sick-free

    (I have a spirochete-a... on the house)

    I'm gonna give my ex
    A dose of the p**
    I got a front door key but now she changed the locks
    'Cause I did a centerfold that loves to
    Blow for money for me

    (So now ya sayin' "screw it"?)

    I traded half my life
    For fortune and fame
    So when my life's cut short
    Was it worth the game?

    'Cause I'm a clapped-out coke-snorting ex-rockstar
    And you have to keep telling me where we are
    I got a big problem with technology
    Can't figure out how to use the DVD
    I still hang out in the coolest bars
    Though my face looks like I could have come from Mars
    My eyelids have hardened
    Don't it make me weep
    Yeah, an' I've got wrinkles
    Seven inches deep
    Wasn't always the wreck that you now can see
    "Wasted" in the dictionary
    Has a photo of me
    Kids run away screaming
    When I try to smile
    So now I got my therapist on speed dial
    Hey hey I used to be a rockstar

    And now I sing my songs
    To a shrinking audience
    As my band is playin'
    Not guitars: accordians
    I'm a washed-up singer who can't write a song
    And my brain is kinda fried, so I get the words wrong

    Well we all just wanna be big rockstars
    As a life's ambition, hell, it's kinda bizarre
    Now I'm addicted, drugs don't come cheap
    And I'm anorexic, 'cause I didn't eat
    My chest is covered with hot-rock scars
    And my lungs are coated with cigarette tar
    I got emphysema
    And a vacant stare
    Had chemotherapy
    And lost my hair
    And I know I'm last year's man, because
    I'm not in "Who's Who"
    But I'm in "Who Was"
    Lost my nasal septum
    I got six-inch piles
    And I got my proctologist on speed dial, well..
    Hey hey I used to be a rockstar
    Hey hey I used to be a rockstar


    well funny

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    class - well good!

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    I liked this version :thumbsup:

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    natversion1;2496636 liked this version :thumbsup:

    yeah v good ;-)

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    This you singing snowtiger?

    Deep voice ! yeah probably me then ! lol
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