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    I'm looking at purchasing a van. I've currently got a jeep looking to either swap for or purchase a van of either mwb or lwb. i can't really have it fail on me though so anyone know on what to look out for and whether it's worth just staying away from sub £2k vans with more than 10k mileage? thanks!


    Get a Ford Transit, it is consistently the most popular van on the road with very good reason.

    Make sure chassis isn't riddled with holes, very common on on vans.

    I've been after a van for years now but cannot make up my mind .I'm constantly looking at the van section on Auto Trader . I originally wanted a Vivaro...too big ,then a Combo .........not much room as with the Ford Connect and the Transit is a little big .A mechanic friend said the Fords are the ones to get , cheap to run and cheap parts .
    I do like the Renault Traffic and some other Renault models but the Citroen Dispatch is a perfect size . I'm running 2 vehicles at the minute, a Vauxhall Astra Estate & Zafira and will now wait till one fails and the next replacement will be a van .
    What vans have you had in mind ?

    The used market for all vans is massively over-priced, with little choice, and really basic everything. The only good thing is they hold their value brilliantly if you keep it clean and tidy.

    I would be cautious about buying any van under 2k, you will be buying something that's had a very hard life, and probably not well looked after. Try and get one VAT free to help save a few quid (assuming you're not VAT registered). Also don't underestimate how much you can fit in a smaller van, it's well worth looking at the Dispatch/Expert as a compromise, otherwise the obvious Transit.

    Contact my husband Chris as he's selling a Vauxhall astra van 07974043399

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    see I hear the exact argument about the transit, which is why I've been looking for one of those. there must be a billion parts in supply. it would also replace my current car, so would be my day to day runabout too unless I get a cheap little runabout to have alongside. the others are the lwb trafic which seems pretty decent and I've read good things about them. ricko had the same thoughts though, can't imagine having to drive a huge Ford transit just to nip to the shops for a pint of milk hah! think for me the smaller vans will be adequate for 6-9months but I know I'll be wanting bigger by then so it makes sense to do it once

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    themorgatron thanks for the advice regarding sub £2k. what is the sweet spot between value for money, mileage and reliability? should I literally just scrimp a bit harder and buy something c£4-5k with maybe 60k miles on it? def not vat registered yet so shouldn't be an issue. Susan thank you for the offer but think an astravan is probably about the same size as my jeep at the moment so not really what I'm looking for

    lease one .

    Don't buy a trafic, the gearboxes are made of chocolate.

    Never understood why it only has one f in the name either.


    Don't buy a trafic, the gearboxes are made of chocolate. Never understood … Don't buy a trafic, the gearboxes are made of chocolate. Never understood why it only has one f in the name either.

    I went through 2 gearboxes on my Trafic! Somebody in design thought it a good idea to put a Laguna gearbox in a van...Much nicer to drive than the new old transit though.


    lease one .

    Leasing will never be cost effective if you're not VAT registered. It's not hard to own a van for 2 years and only lose £500-£1000 on it, so I'd never lease myself.

    4-5K will get you a very tidy Berlingo, and a decent SWB like a Transit/Dispatch. Out of interest what's it's use going to be. I had a Berlingo for a couple of years as a plumber, the only problem I ever had was fitting full sheets of ply/plasterboard, otherwise everything could be fitted into, including a lot of van stock, big oil combis etc. I've now got a Transit - it just means I don't need to keep it as tidy in the back
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