Used Xbox 360 core & 2 games - £130 - Worth it?

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Found 14th Nov 2007
Do you guys (and gals!) think it is worth it to buy a used xbox 360 core console with 2 games:
Project Gotham Racing 3
Condemned Criminals

for £130
Is it worth it?
I am buying it from a random person at work. I is used but is in good condition.

Any Advice would be appreciated. :thumbsup:


IMO I don't think it is.....if it were nearer £100 then maybe.

Original Poster

Really I wouldnt have thought so, they go for loads on fleabay.
Mind you we are bargain hunters here on HUKD

If you ignore the games (which can be picked up fairly cheaply) you can get a new premium for around £200......and at one point new cores were £150 (but these have been replaced by the pricier arcades)

At the end of the day its what you think that counts - if you happy with the deal, then go for it..... :thumbsup:

If you're not happy with the deal be patient and keep and eye out on the deals posted here (eg the recent Argos megapak deal which had Premiums at £250 but by the time you've sold the freebies you could have gotten a premium for £170)

if it was around 120 then yh. cant u bargain with him try and get a good deal from it. 130 is ok but i think you can get better. oh and make sure ur covered by warranty coz if u get red lights ur screwed.

nope those games are old.
The core can be bought new for £170

maybe £100- £110
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