Found 9th Oct 2007
anyone find their questions never get answered?


How long do these (sendit vouchers from the title) take to arrive and can I use them to buy other items other than dvds and games?
I would like to use them on a games console, and would I be able to use more than one at the same time?

Thank you.
We advise members that all redemption items can take up to 14 days to arrive, and we are unable to chase them before this time. We are unaware of any problems with your order, so hopefully the goods will be with you shortly.
If you have not heard anything after 14 days please let me know and I will chase this for you.

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Use QuidCo. :-D


Use QuidCo. :-D

I use both Quidco & Ipoints along with a couple of other as cashback rates can vary from site to site & Quidco is NOT always the best & will sometimes not have e-tailers that other sites do, but it seems that just about all of these sites are terminally bad at responding to queries &/or problems.....

Ipoints take ages to answer unless you strike it lucky but do tend to sort out eventually.
Quidco take FOREVER to deal with queries regarding claims & any response to your enquiry/ticket just blames the e-tailer.
Mutualpoints - simple query took about 2 weeks to give a real half-assed reply.
Pigsback - Answered within a couple of days on my last question.
R-points - No response over an unpaid 'reward' until I chased then sorted in about a week.

(Each of the above is based on MY PERSONAL experiences of the sites)

Use Quidco for better email support? teehee, I am a quidco fan...but they have easily the slowest/worse support ever lol

I sent an email to VEOH a few days ago because someone was spamming my account with comments, I couldn't find a way to report them on the site and despite the fact I BLOCKED them the spam comments kept coming. So I asked them how I go about reporting users to them, and why they were still able to do it despite me having blocked them. This was the response.

Hi,Thanks for letting us know about this user. I have send it to the … Hi,Thanks for letting us know about this user. I have send it to the appropriate department to handle.I hope that answers any questions you had. Enjoy using Veoh!Thanks,Scott NanceVeoh Technical Support

On a scale of 10 to 10 for NOT answering the question, I give that a 10 lol
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