Usenet trials?

Found 9th Nov 2009
Does anyone know of any free trials for usenet providers at the moment?

I usually just use the Virgin Media server, but it only allows you to download things posted within 7 days. The thing I want was posted just over 7 days ago, so isn't accessible.

There are plenty of providers offering a free trial but you have to put in card / Paypal details. If anyone knows of a free trial not requiring these details, I'd be very grateful for a link
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From the sponsored links in Google...

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(Plenty more to choose from too)

See also [ ] (although not for downloading)



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astraweb $11 a month special - google it 460 day retention!

don't know any decent free ones - but never seena free one with decent retention and SSL?
i had the giganews trial, but after that they very expensive and charge xtra for ssl etc, all included for less than half price on astraweb
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