Using 2 cashback sites at once?

Found 25th May
is it possible to use TCB and Quidco? if not which one is the best?
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You can't use two at the same time on one purchase but you can open two accounts. Use whichever is giving the best cashback for the website you're buying from.
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Both sites offer to beat any higher rates offered by a competitor so you could pick one and stick with it, submitting claims under their "highest cashback guarantee" as requited - but personally I tend just to as ScubaDudes suggests and use whichever offers the higher advertised rate.
You can't use 2 as both sites use affiliate links to track. They won't both get paid to 'refer' you to the site, only the one you click through last.

I have had far better experiences with TCB than Quidco, but for some people, it's the opposite.
TCB here yet to get a penny out of Quidco so far.
What they already said and in my personal experience I'd go preferably with TCB as with Quidco most of my purchases never tracked...
I'd go with TCB as I've had a load of cashback declined by Quidco.
I use both depending on which has a higher offer at time I purchase. Been with both for years & not had an issue to be honest though I’ve not use them lots in last year or so.
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