Using 2 monitors/TV on 1 computer

Found 5th Feb 2011
I've recently started a new job and my computer at work uses multiple monitors on one computer ... I'm sure you'll know what I mean if you've clicked on the thread!

So, how do I go about replicating this at home? What is it that I need? I'm pretty certain my 22" LG TV will work as a computer monitor, hopefully alongside my 21" Dell monitor.
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What gfx card have you got? Does it have dual outputs?

Do you want the same picture on both or different

I want to be able to use it so that I can drag between the 2 monitors. Like 1 desktop shared between the two monitors.


What gfx card have you got? Does it have dual outputs?

Oooo. No idea. Bit of a newbie with big ideas. Am I going to be able to find that out without opening up my computer (which I can do, just not right now!). I'd guess not as I'm using the standard Dell Card that came with the computer.
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As above.. Need a GFX card that has dual output options.
The Dell gfx card will be nowhere close to doing what you want as their standard cards are pants.
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE card by the looks of DirectX Diag.
^ not really sometimes dells come with nvidias which have 2 monitor ports ie one dvi one VGA? My very old dell dimension 8300 had that.
How about this:…tml?_%24ja=tsid:11518%7Ccat:17587859%7Cprd:17587859

Good spec and reasonable price
I'm learning ... I think the GeForce 8800 GTS will do the job for me. I need the GTS and not the GTX as I will need the smaller card I think.

Unless there are any other suggestions out there?
What are you gonna use it for? Games? Music?

You need to bear that in mind too
I use my PC for pretty much only the Internet and Football Manager 2011. Yeah, I play music on it too but nothing worth noting really.
You wont need a 8800 then.
Have a look at the one on my link from play.

That should be plenty good enough for you.
My machine is a Dimension C521 with 4GB RAM. So I would need something to fit into that.

Have a look at the one on my link from play.That should be plenty good … Have a look at the one on my link from play.That should be plenty good enough for you.

The one from Play does look like it would do everything for me. A few google searches on Dual Outputs etc has led to someone suggesting this card to someone:…f93

This is obviously US only, but is ALOT cheaper. If this is being suggested for Dual Output, surely this type of level of card would be sufficient.

I know I'm asking lots of questions - I do appreciate your help! I'm learning!
You have to balance price with performace

No good saving £30 for example if its too slow or lags

The link you had only has 1 DVI outputs not 2

Of course. I'm just checking I'm not going too OTT on the other side of things when I don't need to for my usage.

Right, I'll crack on with looking around and buy a new GFX card. This thread might then get updated!

For what you need about £100 is about the right price for a decent spec card.

Happy shopping :-)
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