using 3 phone abroad.

    Hi i am going to hong kong on monday and i am planning to use my phone there, there is also a network called 3 ther but does anybody know if i can use my locked 3 phone with a 3 HK simcard?

    its a long shot but thanks if u can help.


    Not a chance of using your '3' phone with a HK sim card. Haven't you got an old unlocked phone lying around?

    Original Poster

    no i havent thats the problem, o well

    buy a cheap payg 10-20 quid.

    kk_cheung - you don't need a HK sim. Three has a free roaming thing in any country they operate a network. You will not be charged anything and your minutes and data will come out of your normal plan. It's fantastic.…omp

    There's the link to their page for info.
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