Using a Broadband Dongle Abroad in Tenerife

Found 19th Sep 2010
Can you use a Dongle to access the internet aborad?

If so which is the best way & deal?

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not unless you have a big bank balance or a stolen credit card(not encouraging stealing)
Get a cheap o2 dongle as they are unlocked and then buy a spanish Vodafone sim card from ebay.

Vodafone spain have decent deals where you can pay for x mb / gb of use which lasts until its used or for 90 days. Or you can buy unlimited use for a set price for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. You just top up the spanish vodafone sim stick it in an unlocked phone, text the code for the package you want, take the sim out and put it in the unlocked o2 dongle and thats you set.

As an example 19e gives you unlimited use for a week or 250mb of usage for up to 90 days

Ive used this in Tenerife and Malaga

Link for the vodafone spain site above which shows the pay and go mobile bb tariffs, just stick it into google translate
How long are you going for? I use vodafone (with contract) in tenerife, and its good.

Two problems in Spain:

1) tariffs here are more expensive than in the UK. Most work on a system where you get so many Mbs at full speed, then they slow you down to snail speed once you go over. They don't however charge you - which is nice!

2) Getting hold of sim cards can be tricky, by law all payg sim cards in spain must be registered, you will need your passport, and a willing assistant to serve you in the shop.

Will you be in southern tenerife? if so the Gran Sur shopping centre has outlets from Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo. And a little shack that unlocks mobiles. So everything you need in one place. Send a pm if you need any more help - I am living in Tenerife at the moment, so can check stuff out for you if your interested

I use a MasMovil sim in an unlocked dongle. It is really cheap per mb. I bought the sim from eBay for £10 and it was loaded with 10€. MasMovil uses the orange network , you can also use yoigo sims
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Any new offers for unlimited data allowance dongles in Tenerife please?
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