using a camcorder to take pictures

    ok dont laugh @ me but can a picture taken on a camcorder (its the new jvc 30 gig model - no model number to hand) come out as good as say the fujifilm bridge camera's advertised on here

    as well as the above does anyone no if the listed 36x zoom is just for videos taken or for pictures as well

    i have to get my self a birthday present (has taken me since september 17th to decide what i wanted) and i went for the camcorder but as xmas is coming up i could buy the camera if need be

    i should add i only use my camera for holidays etc but i also wanted to start taking much clearer/closer ebay photo's

    thanks for any help


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    this is the camera but mines blue…33H

    I wouldn't expect it to take very good photo's I know my camcorder doesn't, but things may have advanced since I got mine.

    I would expect the Zoom to be used for both the still and moving footage. If you can, go to a store and try it out.

    Personally , I would go for separates . Digital camera for still pictures and a good quality camcorder for movies .I have a few camcorders , the Sharp takes still's on a memory card but is poor quality and my Genius is a 5mp digital still camera and a camcorder both putting the files onto a SD card ............quality is reasonably good for stills but not for movies. My Panasonic GS-11 just does the movie's. I have seen some camcorders that take digital stills when recording and on playback the moving picture stops where the shutter button was pressed .Must put a time code or something onto the tape .............anyway that looks simply hideous .Would totally spoil a good holiday video if the screen just freezes for a second or two .
    Yes , I would go for a good camcorder ......Panasonic SD8 or something like that . I want one myself actually .
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