Using a contract sim on PAYG Blackberry

    Does anybody know if I'll be able to use my Orange contract sim with a PAYG Blackberry?

    I've checked with Orange Customer Service, and they've confirmed I'll be able to add the unlimited internet and e-mail package, but suggested I check the Blackberry I purchase is compatible with contract sims. I wasn't aware there would be a compatibility issue. Any thoughts??

    Thanks in advance.


    Why not contact them then?

    Original Poster


    Why not contact them then?

    Contact whom? Orange? I have done, I'm just trying to verify what I was told is accurate, as I've never heard of there being any compatibility issues between contract sim cards and PAYG phones.

    There shouldn't be any difference between the 2?

    Odd thing to be told ??

    If the BB isn't new do you have the pin for the BB email server ? If not you'll need it before you can set it up with your own email...

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    I've not got a Blackberry yet. I was going to get the Curve 8520. Orange sell them for £179.99, and I can get £130 trading in a couple of old phones from Cex.
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