Using a laptop as a portable screen for a desktop

    im imagining this setup.

    i have a pimped-out desktop pc with quadcore, top graphics card etc. but, i use my laptop screen and keyboard to access the pc (processing power, hard drive etc) wirelessly. I dont just mean remotely, i mean direct wireless communication of nothing but video output and keyboard/mouse input. clearly this would be limited to the same room/wireless range. does anyone know if a product like this exists??


    Not entirely sure what you mean.

    But this: ]http//ww…tml will let you control your PC over a network (wireless or otherwise) as if you were sat at it. However the connection will only be as quick as your network allows.

    There is also the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ]http//en…col if your Desktop PC is running Vista Ultimate (or Business/Enterprise but sounds unlikely) or Windows XP Pro or Media Center.

    See Microsoft's pages on how to set it up: ]http//ww…spx. It can work out more efficient than VNC (Virtual Network Computing, as provided by uvnc).

    Both RDP and VNC do a similar job but VNC servers are available for many more systems.
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