Using a Mobile Phone in Spain

    Whats the cheapest way to use a mobile phone when in Spain to call the UK


    Pick up the phone, dial the number you want to ring starting with +44 (omitting the 0) when the person picks up, you start speaking..:? :whistling: :giggle:

    Only may want to rephrase your question....

    If your from the UK going on holiday, Vodafone Passport i would suggest.
    75p connection, then the minutes come off your monthly allowance.

    The other networks still charge a fair bit

    Every Company is now under pressure to reduce call charges in the Eu by the office of fair trading. 02 are bring charges down now. They are owned by a spanish telecom company so they may end up the cheapest.
    You could try but I've never used them so not an endorsement.

    you can get a simcard on the net that acts as a payg card and you can use it in any euro country. Cost £8 deliverd with £10 credit on it

    what is the cost of calls?

    Will the people you are calling in UK be receiving your call on a mobile? Nice to keep in touch, but when they realise that they are also paying to receive the call...:thinking:

    the calls are charged at standard rate for both callers and recievers ill just find the site that offers it

    edit: ]this is the sort of thing but this ones expensive

    T-Mobile World Class, £2.50/month, Pay Monthly.

    This reduces the cost of receiving calls by about 30%, although prices for making calls are still the same.

    Vodafone Passport, free on request, all customers

    In countries with their own Vodafone network, UK Vodafone users manually setting their phone to it will pay a flat 75p connection fee when making a call to the UK, plus their normal tariff rate.

    For example, if you've 200 free off-peak minutes to landlines, call a UK landline from Spain and you'd pay 75p and nothing more within the free minute period. Receiving calls also costs 75p then it's free up to an hour and 20p/min after. This is a cost effective option for all but those who receive just short calls.

    Vodafone Passport countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithunia, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Malta, Monaco, Hungary, Albania, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Romania.

    02 My Europe/Euro Bolt On, free on request, all customers.

    This is a flat rate service which means calls will cost a competitive 35p/min both to make and receive within Europe for all customers.

    02 International Traveller Service, contract customers, £2.99/month (tariffs over £35 include it free).

    This reduces the cost of making and receiving calls by roughly 30%, though if you've got My Europe, in Europe the saving won't be huge; it's only 28p/min to receive calls instead of 35p/min. Yet it's cheaper for those travelling further afield; if you'll make/receive more than a few minutes of calls, then add it for the month, but don't forget to cancel it once you're back.

    02 My Europe Extra, £10/month.

    Previsouly this was only available in Spain, but is now offered through out most of Europe. Sign up for a minimum of a month and it'll include calls for 25p/min compared to the 35p/min with the free My Europe package. Sign up for 12 months and ouu can get it half price at £5/month.

    It's mainly of benefit only if you know you're going to be receiving more than 30 minutes of calls during your holiday, or 15 minutes of calls per month if you're a business traveller and want to be tied in for 12 months. If you're a frequent traveller or travel a lot for business, then this is worth entertaining but for the average holiday maker it isn't.

    My Europe Extra countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

    Orange Try It! All customers.

    If you've never used its roaming service before Orange will allow you to try it for free, offering £5 (or £3 if on PAYG) worth of free calls to make and receive while in Europe, which are valid for one month - enough to cover a 5-10 minute call home.

    Orange Frequent Traveller, £2, all customers.

    This reduces the cost of making and receiving calls by about 15-30% depending on where you're calling from. Check the country specifics, but if you'll make or receive more than a few calls it's worth adding it for the month, but don't forget to cancel it on your return.

    Orange Talk Europe, £7, Pay As You Go.

    This offers a flat rate of 40p/min to make calls across Europe and it's free to receive calls. If you're likely to receive over 10 minutes of calls this may be worth it.

    Orange Travel Talk £15/£25, Pay Monthly.

    Three different bundles are available and last 30 days. £15 buys 25 minutes of talk (60p/minute) and £25 buys 50 minutes of talk (50p/minute).

    Orange Travel Text £15, Pay Monthly.

    This bundles lasts 30 days and buys 75 texts (20p/text) .

    Orange Travel Bundles, £10/£20, PAYG.

    Two travel bundles are available either for 35 or 100 texts and the bundles will last for 30 days. All the bundles and frequent traveller packages can be activated straight away or you can request them in advance for a specific date when you're due to travel.
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