Using a repeater to make my 360 wireless?

    I was thinking of using a 2nd router set it up as a repeater and use a small ethernet cable to plug it in to the xbox. My question is would this work? and has anyone tried it? It would allow me to extend my range and have wireless for my 360


    it will work if you can bridge the 2 wireless routers, but not all routers will work as a wireless repeater

    Ive got a pair of (infact 2 pairs of) 100mbps pass through homeplugs from ebuyer... ill never go back to wireless whilst i have them.

    I highly recommend.

    If you find a cheap router to hack then you can put dd-wrt firmware on it and basically set it up to do whatever you like.

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    cool thanks HUKDers i'll see what i can get on the cheap also to deathtrap3000 you got any recommendations for router that i can put the dd-wrt firmware? on i was thinking of the trenda one or something similar
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