Posted 26th Nov 2022
Currently I have a 23 inch monitor but I want to upgrade to a 27 inch or larger screen now looking at large screen monitors they seem to become very expensive. So can I buy a TV and use that instead of am I missing something as to why monitors are more expensive than TV for the same size?
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    Yes but monitors have lower input lag than a TV. Though TVs are getting better if you put them in game mode these days.

    I used to have a 4k Samsung TV which was ok .. then moved to a better 32 inch LG monitor but now hace a second hand 48 inch LG oled.

    Check out reviews for their input lag. has them but mainly US models so only ug brands LG and Samsung on there for Brits. (edited)
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    We have a 32” Samsung TV connected to our desktop PC. The PQ used to be really crap on it until I found out the port used to connect has to be tagged as a PC port in the monitor and now it crisp and clear.
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    If you do any gaming then 100% a monitor rather than a tv
    I use my 55"LG TV120Hz/VRR for PC/XBOX gaming, works great fof me.
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    There's a few youtube videos on using TV as a monitor, long term tests that are interesting to watch.
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    I bought a second hand Panasonic 32" tv for about £30 from FB marketplace and use that as my monitor for my desktop in my bedroom.I'm not a gamer though it's just for surfing the web and youtube etc
    Have been thinking of doing this myself but wondered how practical such a large screen size would be when using as a PC.
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    Not for gaming only for using desktop apps.
    Also what specs should I be looking for response time, brightness etc?
    I use a 43" TCL 4K tv as a monitor mostly for working from home. First of all, one of the big things you want to bear in mind is that you'll be sitting a lot closer than you normally do for a TV so you need to find a good brightness/contrast level that is comfortable or you'll have a headache after 30 minutes (on my TCL, I enable PC mode and then reduce the brightness down a bit and it's great). Brightness actually isn't important because you want to dim it down rather than lighten it up. If going 4k, make sure it supports 4:4:4 chroma as that'll provide a much more bearable image when sitting so close. If going 4k you'll also need a reasonable refresh rate, my TCL is fine, being cheap it max's out at 60hz refresh but that's still easy enough on the eye if not doing any gaming. Most TV's have a dedicated gaming/PC mode now which will make input lag for anything other than gaming unnoticeable. Lastly, if you go big like I did, it takes a bit of getting used to - because you're much closer you're moving your head around more but having the equivalent of 2x2 24" stacked monitors in screen real estate is fantastic for working.
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    You're rather vague about what size you're after but generally TVs are not available in a good resolution for desk-based 27-32" monitors. They're generally only available with 1920x1080 screens instead of the normal 2560x1440, which aren't ideal unless you're having it further away than normal (maybe 1.2-1.5m) as everything will be larger and you'll fit less on.

    If you want a really big screen - mid-forties plus - then 3840x2160 TVs are available and would work.
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    you can use a tv as a monitor but the output is not as clear as a monitor and you will get lag if you play games. monitors are also sold as a tv, but that tends to be the smaller ones.
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    I use my old 32” LG tv
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    Several years ago Samsung used to sell screens which were marketed as TV monitors.

    I myself use one of these - a SyncMaster P2470HD and it works well.

    They also did this model as a 27" size.

    Might be worth looking into a s/h unit.

    EDIT: Be careful, Samsung did an identical looking unit called with a similar model number which is a monitor only - no TV tuner inside. (edited)
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    i have a 27" 4k electriq monitor that was about £150 delivered from ebuyer i think. that's a pretty good deal. two hdmi sockets and has built in speakers (not amazing but fine if you just want to hear someone talking on youtube or something)
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