Using a wall bracket for a TV

    I'm hoping to buy a new TV within the next 2 months but in the mean time I would like to put my 42" LG tv on the wall.

    The new tv will be an LG which will use a 300x300 I believe aswell.

    My question is, are the tv's hanging point all the same?

    The TV will be above a radiator cover so I would accomadate the new TV (which in the mean time would make my current one abit higher upon the wall) therefor I dont wanna have to take apart the bracket and have holes in the wall.

    Hope that made sense.


    It's not particularly clear what you're asking no.

    The mounting holes on a TV are typically centred horizontally, but they can be higher or lower depending on the individual TV.

    Whether you'll have to take a wall mount bracket off the wall or apart to fit a new TV depends on the design of the bracket. Only the mounting holes are standard, the brackets can work however they want.

    Original Poster

    Sorry I've not been clear.

    Basically Id want to hang my 42" on the TV now, and then when my new TV comes in a few months, put that on the same bracket without having to move it. Are there static brackets with multiple holes so I can hang the new one slightly higher as it would be bigger, therefor longer, without having to take the existing bracket off.

    something like this…ket

    Most wall brackets these days a pretty universal when you buy the bracket it will say what size it fits i.e 42"-55" and it you will find it will also give the measurements it takes i.e 100x200, 200x200, 200x300, 300x300. as long as your tv falls in the same size bracket then you shouldn't have a problem
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