Using an LCD monitor and an external tv tuner?

Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on this, looking into getting an LCD monitor and then buying something like this:…COI

(ebay item : 230060361215)

Would this be much of a solution or am i better shelling out more money and getting an all in one LCD-TV?


get an all in 1 m8 will save you money in the long run and if you go 2 you will be abel 2 get allot of tv content online in streaming format try it ! its free

The sound quality is going to be naff through that speaker on the box.


The sound quality is going to be naff through that speaker on the box.

to be fair a lot of cheap TVs (e.g. my 14" CRT) have only a mono speaker and sound is pretty naff on those too

It has a Lineout, so it would be easy to connect to a cheap speaker set.

I'v got one - works all right, but couldn't get much reception on the indoor aerial connected to it. I'll stick with my plasma for tv.

I've got one of these and its brillant! A won in auction format so got it cheaper and it was better than buying a new lcd tv!

I had to buy a couple of extras like a 2 way switchable scart adaptor and some phono to scart adaptors etc so i could add more but its all working great now!

I've currently got my xbox 360, Freeview box and home theatre sytem running through it, I use my monitor speakers for tv and For dvd's and the xbox 360 i use the home theatre system.

One of the reasons for buying it was so i could record tv (Or attempt!) onto my pc, Haven't tried that at all yet but a great product!, Had it for about 4-5 months now, no problems at all!

Sound through the one speaker isn't very good at all though so i wouldn't rely on that if your buying it, But you can but some speakers or use a 3.5mm to phono lead (i paid about £2.50) to your hi-fi etc.
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