Using an old router as a Wifi extender

Found 5th Sep 2017
I remember someone making a comment about using an old router as a Wifi extender. I have about five old routers and an old pc in a back bedroom. The old pc had no Wifi card and I only use it to store images (as well as cloud storage, a sort of failsafe).
What I'd like to do, if possible, is connect an old router as a Wifi extension/extender and use one of the adsl ports to connect the old pc. This hopefully will allow me to download images from cloud rather than run upstairs with a laptop and write them across.

Has anyone tried anything like this?
Does anyone think it may work/won't work?

This isn't a priority, more of a play around that may make life easier.

Any help our advice much appreciated.

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I followed this YT video when I connected 2 routers together via LAN cable, to boost the WiFi signal.
There are two modes that will do that, that 'some' routers might support.

1. wireless repeater mode
2. wireless bridge mode

Everything else will generally require you to get a network cable/use a set of homeplug adapters to connect the 2nd wireless box/PC to your main broadband router.

In order to find out if any of your old routers can do wireless repeating or create a wireless bridge you will have tell us their model and version/revision numbers (usually on a label on the underside/back).

It may also be worth noting that a set of homeplugs can be had for < £30 delivered. So unless you enjoy endless tinkering and flashing new firmwares on your old routers you may want to just spend the ££.

basic Homeplug starter kit £22

wireless Homeplug starter kit £39.99

twin wireless Homeplug kit £59.99
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What routers are they? Some might be supported by dd-wrt, etc which would increase functionality hugely.
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I've done this and works really well.

There are a few tutorials on Google but basically.
Reset the router.
Set up as an ap (access point)
Put in a static ip say
Turn dchp off as this will stop any conflicts.
If you want it as an extender ensure ssid and security settings are exactly the same as main router.
Reboot router
Then plug in an ethernet cable from main router to a lan port and not the wan port.

Connect and check it worka
You could always buy a usb wifi dongle for about £4 and connect to existing router.…baL
So does wifi not reach upstairs or is it just your pc doesn't have wifi? Using a router as an extender (and extenders in general to some extent) usually hurts WiFi reliability so adding WiFi to your PC is a better bet, home plugs better and WiFi home plugs the best bet for improving WiFi coverage
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