Using asus router with bt smarthub

Posted 26th Nov
Hello friends, i moved house recently and my bt smarthub isn't upto the task of penetrating brick walls, i was given an asus rt-n56u router by my BIL and he said it will improve wifi range, but how do ypu set it up.

He is offshore for the next 4 weeks and i was hopinf to get it sorted by then due to kids complaining about rubbish signal.
Ive looked at youtube and other sites but cannot get it working.
I know i have to wire it to bt hub and can pick up a signal from asus (no internet) so it reaches the kids rooms.

A step by step guide if possable and thank you.
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Unfortunately BT don't allow the homehub to be operated in Modem only mode which makes things difficult.

If you log into the rt-n56u ( when connected directly to it via ethernet), you can put it into Access Point mode (turn off DHCP if it doesn't do it automatically when selecting AP mode) and set up wireless to connect to. You can then connect it to the Super hub by running a cable from the superhub to the WAN port on the router. This will mean the homehub is still handling the routing which it may or may not do poorly.

That router doesn't contain a modem so it's incapable of completely replacing the home hub. If you want to replace it completely you'll need to buy a modem router (which may be preferable long term as that router is very old and doesn't support up to date wifi standards).

Have you tried the 2.4ghz wireless on the home hub? It's much better at penetrating walls (at the cost of speed). Seeing if you can move the hub to a more central location may also help. Even moving the modem a metre or two can improve things Wifi can penetrate ceilings easily so moving the hub (or connecting devices) so there are fewer solid walls in the way can have a big effect. There are a number of apps on Android that let you detect signal strength.
Thank you, got it eventually. Tried both 2.4 and5 ghz and wifi analyzer, improved slightly but with kids wanting tvs and netflix for christmas thought i'd get ahead of the game. Now get a signal (although weak) in the utility room that i couldn't get before and stronger signal in their rooms.
If it didn't work it would probably be a mesh system but didn't want tge expense this side of christmas.
Thank you once again.
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