Using BB Abroad, Netherlands, Data Plans Etc

Found 7th Mar 2011
hi, im travelling to rotterdam for 1 day on tuesday with work but taking my own blackberry, i'm with orange, and just phoned them and for £10.20 they have given me 4mb data package, and 200mins worth of receiving calls free, + 200 calls outgoing for £28.8p a min.

I've been trying to work out if this 4mb is any good, as I say its only a day and i will mostly be in meetings but I wanted to email some pics back to the kids and probably upload pics taken with the phone to facebook but not sure how much I'm going to use and dont want a massive bill.

Also I have weather app, and twitter, I assume there running in the background and therefore will be using the allowance so perhaps these need to be turned off while i'm out there, cant find a turn off button for them though, just where it closes down, but not sure if that means they wont be drawing any data.

thanks, first time travelling if you havent guessed lol
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Find a McDonalds and use their free Wi-Fi.
Sitting in city airport waiting to fly out, flights have been delayed due to the fog. I did sign up to it as I didn't know what to do. Oh well I'll send emails with no pics will have to show the kids when I get back.

Also turn off international roaming in your network settings until you want to use email or something, or apps running in the background may consume data and run up your bill
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