Using Currys discount code and Egg together - will this work

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Found 10th Nov 2005
This seems the closest forum, I'm looking for reassurance on a purchase I intend to make.

I would like to buy a laptop from Currys which currently has a price of 1237 pounds, I'm planning on using the MAC5 code to bring this down to 1175 pounds and get 10% instant cashback by using an Egg card. I'm going to get an Egg card just for this, so I'm not familiar with how the egg cashback works, should this work ok or would people recommend against it?

Has anyone here used discount codes with Egg cashback and received their cashback ok?

Thanks for any advice,


Hi John, welcome here

I'm pretty sure this will work. The EGG cashback works like any cashback site (i.e. through a referral cookie) so this shouldn't be affected by the discount code you use at checkout. I can't guarantee it though but I think it's worth a try. If it doesn't work then just return the laptop and have another go I think if it doesn't work you would lose the Egg cashback...

While on the topic I've heard the rumour that with Apple you don't even need to go through the Egg link for it to work...which means you could combine the £20 off code, 3% Quidco cashback and the 10% Egg cashback!! I don't have proof of it myself but I saw someone posted that they got the Egg cashback even though they didn't go through the Egg link...

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Thanks very much for the quick reply!

Have there been any problems using a code like the Mac5 when I may not be a MacDonalds employee? When you use the Egg card, how exactly do you get the cashback, is it simply applied as credit to the account for future purchases, or if I only use it for this one laptop will I still effectively get the 10% off without having to buy anything else?


Well technically you're supposed to be a MacDonald's employee or maybe family? I've never heard of anyone having a problem with it though. Hurrah for MacDonald's

You have the Egg Money card right? It's actually 12% you'll get back I think because you get 1% back on all purchases, but right now it's a bonus of 2% back plus the Currys 10% is on top of that. The 2% only shows up way later on but the 10% is instantly applied onto your card as a credit I think. Don't quote me on that though, but it is instant. It must say somewhere on the Egg Money site though...

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I don't have an egg card...yet! Just about to apply for one, it's well worth it for ten percent off.

I've been reading through the site and you are spot on, the 10% is paid back immediately but then another 2% should be paid back in March.

Life is for living, might as well give it a go


Well let us know how you get on!

And if anyone else has other input about Egg it would really be appreciated!

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That's my Egg card applied for, just need to wait 7-10 days now...hoped it would be sooner.

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