using hdmi switch and splitter at same time

    Anybody any idea whether this would work. Pretty sure it would just wondering if anybody can see any reason why it wouldn't. Basically i want to view 2 devices (pc and android box) on 2 tv's but only 1 hdmi cable running to each tv as they're both long runs. so I'm planning on plugging both devices into a switch then into splitter then 2 cables from the splitter, 1 to each tv. Obviously I would have to view the same thing on both tv's but that's fine. Thanks


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    Diagram didn't turn out as planned so ignore that. Won't let me edit it for some reason

    just buy a matrix splitter

    does what you're after but its only 1 device

    something like this…402?hash=item4af1e3d5f2:g:JqAAAOSwnOJWE6cy

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    something like … something like this

    Thanks. Saw them before but was just thinking because i already have splitter And plenty of hdmi leads I would only have to buy a switch which is a fraction of the cost of a matrix
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