Using inb4 - scientist says "Bad for you health???

    A paper allegedly published today by Brokken University, New Jersey found clear evidence that people who excessively use the inb4 characters on interweb forums are more three times more likely to suffer from some kind of brain based disorder than the population as a whole.

    Professor Edward Dedbeate explained to a stunned audience of interweb journalists at the universities hastily arranged press conference that like many addictive substances and behaviours a mild use of the inb4 combination would seem to leave users relatively unaffected in the long run. However posters found to be using this arrangement of symbols more than once or twice a day were found to be part of a group that suffered from various psychosis and may need immediate help.

    A spokesman from the NHS when questioned admitted that advice was not yet fully coordinated throughout departments,however when pushed on the issue of how to break the cycle of behaviour Graham Leave said I would ask that posters finding themselves unable to resist this letter combination stop typing immediately, disconnect their keyboard from pc or close the lid of their laptop/netbook and ring NHS inb4 hotline!.

    The Press conference was unable to proceed at this point as protester stormed the hall chanting "Spoof Science" repeatedly. The panel were unharmed and able to leave quickly through a looking glass at the rear of the stage.


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