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    Hi, looking for some advice. Going to Luxembourg on Tuesday for a few days andwill be using my iphone out there for calls/texts. However I know data charges are ridiculously high abroad and so dont want to get stung for that.

    In my phone settings, even if I turn data roaming off it still has the gprs symbol present and I can still connect to the net via safari. Is there anyway of stopping this happening or shall I just use another phone?



    I think its still connecting because your not actually roaming yet, roaming means using networks other than your own when abroad.

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    hmm, anything I can do to stop this then?

    it should mean that when you go abroad it wont try and use any data, just calls and txt.

    Turn off data romaing, should stop all date when away from your home network, I work in Holland and this works fine. To be safe disable automatic email checking too

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    is this even if it's unlocked/jailbroken?

    put it in airplane mode.


    is this even if it's unlocked/jailbroken?

    Mine's jailbroken but not unlocked, using an O2 iPhone contract. If it's unlocked you should e able to go into network settings and delete the apn etc. so it can't connect.

    If you look at the data counters you should see very quickly whether it's sending / receiving data
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