Using iTunes with a JB iPod Touch

    JB my daughters 4th gen iPod touch with greenpois0n and have a few games via installous, but there are a few free apps that she wants that are not in the installous list that are you can get from iTunes, so can you d/l these apps via iTunes without any problems with a JB iPod.
    had a google and the answer seems to be yes but these were for the old gen iPods.


    Trust in Google.


    Trust in Google.


    What's the app?

    Original Poster

    Babbabooey Trust in Google.

    thought so, just wanted to double check, now just have to open an account with them

    localboy What's the app?

    No idea, something her friends have got that she wants and she said they got free from iTunes. i do know that bubble ball is not on installous
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