Using laptop to connect Xbox 360 to internet?

    My friends moved out to uni and the place where he's staying only has wireless internet, and i'm pretty sure he'd rather spend £60 on anything other then a wireless adapter.

    I heard somewhere you can use your laptop as a wireless bridge can anyone tell me how to tell him to go about doing it?

    I'm sure you just need an ethernet cable too?


    Pretty much as simple as connecting an ethernet cable, enabling internet connection sharing in windows, and then setting his wiresless adapter as the shared connection. Have a look on google, theres a few guides about.

    you bridge the connection. you plug the ethernet in to xbox and other in lappers and brdige connection.

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    Tried both but none work

    go to network connections, right click>properties your internet connection.

    on the advanced side of the tab in the internet sharing section, make sure you tick the box saying:

    "Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection" - click ok.

    Hope that helps

    using a bridge he NAT will either be "moderate" or "strict".

    I used to bridge mine with my Laptop.

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    Thanks rob and bg, will using vista affect it?
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