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Found 4th Dec 2014
With a twin/triple set of cordless telephones, is it possible for a person to pick up a handset and eavesdrop on the conversation?

Thanks in advance

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Yes - although I believe some of the newer phones prevent this.
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Simple Answer. YES

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Sounds good, does anyone know any specific ones which it definitely works on?

Yes, it is possible, but not all (some do not have the functionality).

I'm more curious as to why you're looking for ones with this functionality.:p




In my house, the first person to make / receive a call has to "invite" … In my house, the first person to make / receive a call has to "invite" the other handset to join the conversation, they can't just eavesdrop on the conversation.I believe this to be true for all new phones these days.

Same with mine but if you have a fixed wired phone then you can earsdrop using that.
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