Using my phone as hotspot echo dot?

Posted 14th Jan 2018
I bought the Echo Dot to use in my car as it says you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot.
I have tried over and over to hook my echo dot to my phone to use in my car but it says it won't connect.
I just called echo support and they said you will need to buy a dongle to do this, but this goes against everything their website says.
Im not paying 15.00 a month for a dongle and sim just to talk to echo in my car.

Is this right, that I would need to spend more money just to use the echo in my car?

I have 12gb on my phone already, I can't understand why the dot can't use my phone data without me paying extra for another sim and dongle.

Amazon support says this function is USA only and not supported in the UK right now?

Has anyone used their echo in their car by using the phone data only and no extra monthly fee for a dongle? If so can someone tell me how they did this as I have tried 12 times and it's refusing to connect to my phone only as a hotspot.

Thanks all.
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Have you set it up on your home network first to update I think then it lets you, this feature came in an update I’m sure of it

it absolutely destroys your data though so make sure you have enough
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Yes it's all up to date. EE confirmed I have mobile tethering.
Hooked it up at home first and updated everything and have the latest firmware.
Amazon keep telling me I need a dongle.
The only sites that are saying you don't need a dingle are American.
Gas anyone got a dot set up in their car without a dongle and if yes how did you do this?
Thanks all
Anyone know how to do this or do I need a dongle?

I have tried so many times, but the app is refusing to accept my hotspot.
I have set up lots of stuff on my phone so I know I'm doing it right.
There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work, few things to check is the hotspot password protected? Also do you have a. iPhone or android

i know the iPhone hotspot is really flaky
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I have a s6 edge + and I set up my own hotspot password.
Should I be using a different password?
Should I forget my WiFi settings and start with the hotspot, or just set up a new device as usual.
Amazon are saying it won't work without a dongle, but on their website it says it doesn't say I need a dongle.
Please if anyone can help who uses their android phone only with the echo dot in their car?
Anyone use their echo dot for their car?
Works on a iPhone
Anyone tell me any tips as to why it's not working on my android?
I keep getting told the connection failed by the alexa app when I go through, set up hotspot.
I only bought this fir my car not my house.
I don't use it in a car but I just tried setting mine up with my phone's hotspot. I couldn't do it going through the setup on the phone with the hotspot on, wouldn't even show up to try and connect to.

I could however set it up using another phone and selecting this phones hotspot on that. I didn't test it much but it seemed to work ok through the hotspot.

I'm guessing it's something to do with the process of swapping over from the Amazon WiFi to the hotspot on the same device.
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