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Found 18th Sep 2009
A friend told me about OpenDns so decided to give it a try. Straight away i saw the difference on how fast it is on accessing web pages but what i wanted to ask is if there are any security threats with using OpenDns. Thanks.
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Do you actually know what Open DND does?

Put very immply it's a web broiswer of a telephone directory.
It takes the webpage address you want to go to and it looks up the ip address of that page and then connects you.
Almost exactly the same as dialling 118118 on the telephone does when you ask for the number of someone, it looks up the number then connects you (if you want)

The only threat you can get from it is if it sends you to a page that has an embedded virus on it, although your normal isp can do that also and the threat is minimal
I've used Opendns for a while now, security wise there is no real issue other than they could potentially re-direct you to rogue sites if they so wished, however they are well respected and this is highly unlikely. I particularly like the category restrictions they have so you can restrict the sites accessed by the kids and it's quite hard for them to bypass.

When I was on BE broadband opendns was a must as their DNS servers were absolute rubbish
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