Using or not using Virgin Mobile in Australia

    I am going to Australia over Christmas and New Year.Would I be right to assume it would be cheaper to buy an international calling card to phone UK than to use my Virgin mobile phone? Any idea of costs of calling cards in Australia? I will also want to access e mails and internet over there. I will be in Melbourne and Sydney so assume there will be internet cafes. Any idea of charges per hour for internet access over there in internet cafes?


    Well, I am in a starbucks in Mooloolaba just north of Brisbane and the internet here is $3 an hour or 24 hours for $6 which i think is great, consdiering most places are $4 or 5 an hour without the 24 hour charge. Add on the price of a tea ( for me $3 ) and its still pretty cheap.

    With regards to the phone, get a sim out here, most companies offer them cheaply enough if your phone is unlocked to all networks, some companies offer calls home to england for 5c a minute which is good!


    international calling cards are a few cents per minute but you have to phone from call box as its a local sydney call or a freephone number which costs from your mobile.

    you can use internet cafes in sydney for 3-4 bucks an hour or you can get a mobile internet usb stick(vodaphone/optus/dodo/boost) for your netbook/laptop for around $50 inc 1gb then purchase top up vouchers.

    use skype for free or cheap calls and get a vodaphone sim $29 gets you $150 ...$49 gets you $350 bucks of credit. buy from woollies you get 10 % off or buy your rechardge from coles and you get a bonus $50 credit…htm

    i use the vivid wireless vivifi modem i bought for $200 ....$35 gets me 5gb downloads or $75 gets me unlimited per month...been getting around 3mbs, sometimes more…cts

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