Using PC monitor as TV?

Found 4th Oct 2010
In the process of moving house and was looking at getting a new tv for the bedroom. I do however have a monitor just sitting their collecting dust.

In the bedroom I have a TV aerial port, is there anyway I could connect my PC monitor to the aerial port and use it as a TV?
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You will need a tuner.

It will need an output that matches your monitor input.

You may also need a seperate audio solution if you have a pure monitor with no sound.
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Just use that site for live digital TV

www.tvcatchup.comJust use that site for live digital TV

I was assuming op was doing it without a pc.

I was assuming op was doing it without a pc.

I don't have PC at the moment however may get one again in the near future, but even so I wouldn't want my PC on at the same time (I'm very energy cautious) haha.
You will need something else plugged in and on at the same time, although it may take less energy than a pc.

I would also make sure you get a signal through the aerial socket, by using the tv you have to make sure it all works ok.

If you are going ahead put the make and model of monitor on here and you may get more specific and useful advice.

This is the monitor I was looking at.
Shop around and you'll pick up a tv for that price...
Bane17 is the monitor I was looking at.

The LG shows has having hdmi input.

That means you could either get something like this that is an ordinary freeview tuner that upscales and sends out through hdmi

or this that uses the new Freeview hd service (don't know much about this service as it is early days).

Failing either of these you pick up a cheap freeview tuner (about £20) and buy a scart to (either hdmi/D-sub or DVI D) converter.

Your monitor has no speakers so you will lalso need an amplifier and speakers for sound. tuners normally have separate output either phono, optical or other that can go straight into an amplifier for sound.

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