Using tesco clubcard vouchers in flamingo land

Found 7th Aug 2013
hi. we r going to flamingo land at the end of the month, 9 of us r going in total. wanna buy a family ticket and use clubcard voucher exchange to do so. however the vouchers will be from 4 different accounts, does anyone know if I can do that or do the vouchers have to all be from the same account. Thanks
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if you ring 0800 591 688 it is the tesco clubcard line and they will be able to give you a definite answer, its free from a landline and some mobile networks
I purchased two thorpe park tickets a couple of months ago. I had enough vouchers in one account to get one ticket but for the second I had to use vouchers from a second account. This was registered at a different address.

My first order was processed instantly but the second still hadn't arrived a day later. When I called they said the order was on hold because the address on some of the vouchers didn't match the account I ordered with. I was told that if the address was changed on the second account then the order would proceed. I spoke to the other account holder and got them to change the address. This didn't make a difference.

I called again the next day and was told that I wouldn't get the ticket because I'd used vouchers from multiple accounts. When I pointed out that their colleague had told me otherwise they processed it manually "as a one off".

I think, as chrisjess says, the best thing would be to phone them. I would be interested to know what they say.
hi. just spoke to tesco clubcard customer services, the gentleman said as long as the individuals who r named on the vouchers are in the party of those who r going to the theme park, u can tally the vouchers up. it does not matter if the address is different on each voucher.
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