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Found 13th Jul 2008
I have a virgin mobile and i get 2000 texts and 300 minutes a month, my girlfriend is off to cyprus next week, now can i send her text messages and will the texts taken from my monthly balance or will they cost extra? Will it cost me money to receive messages?

Also the same for my girlfriend, shes on a contract with O2, will it cost her to receive my messages? And the same, will the text come out of her balance or cost her extra?


will cost extra be on roaming.. recieving texts will be free

will also charge to both make and receieve calls

would be same for both contracts

edit sorry misread post.. it will only cost the person who is abroad, for you to send her texts if your stil in the uk will be free and free for her to receive but for her to send to you would cost her extra to send but you nothin to recieve

It should cost you the same to send a text because it will go through your UK provider, and will be free for you both to receive messages.

Will cost your girlfriend more to send messages, however, and you will be charged more to make calls to her and for her to make calls to you. She will also be charged to receive calls from you.

also with virgin you have to phone them first for them to activate roaming. its automatic for PAYG but contract is supposed to ba auto if you've been with them for a while but in practice you need to phone them

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Thanks for the replies! Very useful,
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