Uswitch S21 Three Contract - misprice?

Posted 9th Feb 2021…ls/

Came across this deal on USwitch for the S21.
£19 upfront and £30.50 per month. Unlimited data. Total cost £751.

Surely a misprice so have decided not to post it as a deal (total cost of the contract is less than the RRP of the phone) but thought it might be worth a post in case anyone wanted to give it a go. 3665221-6sXpJ.jpg
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  1. raeesa_be2c41's avatar
    I contacted both uswitch and three about this offer.
    Uswitch have contacted three who said they need to remove the 6 months half price line as it's only a single line shown once, as others have mentioned.
    I also contacted three who plead complete ignorance (ofc)
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    PAcdbOoAct09/02/2021 20:29

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    Wow that is sneaky as F. Just went through and only in a small line it says 6 month half price. And uSwitch claim to calculate full cost. That is very very bad.
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    DirtyQwerty Author
    PAcdbOoAct09/02/2021 20:29

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    Thanks for noticing this. It is very misleading. I have sent an email to USwitch complaints department to see if they will update the offer.
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