UT3 Titan pack now out - free official addon and patch

    UT3 has just had a big update with a new patch and the Titan pack which is a free expansion pack (sort of), just been playing it for a bit and I'm really impressed with it and having a lot of fun. There's a few additions which are mainly the Titan mutator and two new game modes. greed and betrayal. With the titan mutator enabled once people have managed a certain number of kills they get they option to grow a lot larger gaining you a massive amount of health, enhanced weaponry and seemingly a close combat shockwave attack that kills all enemies in range. Keep on killing and you can turn into a larger version but this one has a timer, once it runs out you explode similar to a redeemer charge.

    The greed mode is kind of a twisted CTF, each time you kill an enemy they drop a single skull (assuming they aren't carrying any of their own) - you have to collect these skulls and take them to the enemy flagpoint. If you get killed you drop all the skulls you're currently carrying which turns the game into a very vicious form of tennis, if you manage to plough into their base taking many of the enemy out before you're killed you'll drop a reasonable amount of skulls. The enemy will then pick them up and attack your base probably upping the skull count again until they die and you attempt a run into their base. The skulls aren't all dropped individually, silver skulls are worth one, gold skulls five and red skulls ten (these are way bigger) so you can see miles away who's just dropped a massive amount of skulls. The problem here is that it may be just one person that slips through and can win the game in one shot, you can't tell how many skulls a player is carrying. I was playing a game where we were doing well at 42 skulls deposited against nil for the enemy until one of them managed to get in with 82 skulls, our team couldn't get through to equal that and the enemy team won the game. The titan part integrates well, when you turn into a titan you drop all skulls and cant pick them up plus you often can't fit into the base which means you'll need to choose a defence point to hold the enemy at bay. As the game builds up and the total number of skulls is getting silly, more and more people change to titans making it all the more difficult to make it through.

    I haven't tried betrayal yet although it sounds interesting.

    If you're a fan of UT I obviously highly recommend this pack.


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