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Found 11th Oct 2013
Just wanting to know if any hukd members are with utility prepayment gas and electricity, if so are the new smart meters any good and what is there review of the customer service team.

Just signed up with them and new meters sound really good also they claim to be cheapest for prepayment gas and electricity, with no price rises for the first year.
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I left them a while ago absolute nightmare with them as I was topping up while I was out and it wasn't going on the machine properly took them six weeks to release my account so I could move to another company. Saving so much money now we left them.
They say you can top up over the phone or online, did you have new meters fitted ? and how you saving so much money now ?
im with them and never had any problems re payments going on. i like that i can text the machine an the little machine thing you have in the house is good if like me your meters are outside so you can see how much you have left all the time and it beeps when running low. i agree customer service ain't great. it took me a while to get them to come and fit the meters which was the main reason for going with them. have used most suppliers now tho and don't think customer service is any worse. tendvto think most companies don't have great customer service these days but im overall happy i swapped if that helps any....
am with them seem ok, great they don't turn it off of when you have used emergency x
Was topping up online and with my swipe cards wasnt going on the machine had to key numbers in myself . Thankfully had prepayment meters removed as my daughter is disabled and got fed up of topping up and it not going on the machines properly as one meter read one thing and one read another had meters replaced three times loads of reviews online about them and on Martin Lewis site wish u had read them before I went with them
Wish I had read then even.
yes seen a few bad reviews out there about the meters but hopefully mine will be ok, but like the fact they seem to be cheapest company for prepayment.
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