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How can I choose a electricity and gas supplier? I am creating a brand new account and all the comparison websites ask for current useage and current tariff so I cannot use them. At the moment I am a low user but I am moving to a property with single glazed windows so it will be much colder so I guess I will use more heating. At the moment all my bills are included in my rent. I would also like to cook more now that I will have my own place and buy a freezer.

I will buy a cooker, washing machine and a fridge /freezer. I won't have a tumble dryer or dishwasher.

I am thinking about Ovo, octupus energy or ecotricity.

Currently the supplier for electricity is British gas i had to call the national board to find out and there is no supplier for gas as it has been disconnected. I hope i don't have to contact British gas too as i don't have an account with them. I just take the meter readings when i move in and give them to the supplier i choose?
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Ask a friend in a similar home to let you know their usage ,put that in the comparison site . Remember its only a "comparison" site and the figures you get are only a guide ,not a fixed deal . At the end of the day you will pay for what you actually use no matter what the site says . State the size of the house/flat , number of people in the dwelling , at work all day ? etc . Gas heating or Electric E7 heating , someone can give you reasonably accurate usage figures to put in . In the first few months the Utility company will monitor your usage and adjust your DD accordingly .
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I think moneysupermarket.com asks if you know your current usage & if not you can give size of your property etc so it estimates your usage. I haven't done it without usage for a long time so I can't remember exactly but that site might be worth a look for you.
i would go with ebico first, may not be the cheapest but there is no standing charge, exit fee or tie-ins
once you got some usage details then you can move where ever you like.

You can look at the tariff comparison rate or the actual price per kWh and daily standing charge. I've just switched to So Energy who were the cheapest one that didn't have loads of bad reviews.
Just stay away from extra energy. Awful customer service and reviews.
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