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Hi all,

Quick one on Utility bills....

I know prices are going up, but I think I'm being ripped off on my electricity.

I live in a 3 bed semi, noone home during the day, and no huge electric guzzler appliances. Just got my bill today, and the electric usage seems high, just want to compare with anyone else how much electric they use (although my gas seems pretty cheap ???)


234kwh Primary units @ 18.98p = £44.41
3272kwh Secondary Units @ 9.65p = £315.75

Total Electric Charges: £360.16 (or £120 per month)


698kwh Primary units @ 4.352p = £6.09
937kwh Secondary Units @ 2.774p = £25.99

Total Electric Charges (inc IGT): £66.77 (or £22.26 per month)

Anyone else think the electric is high ?

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i live in a 3 bed semi and mines about that aswell

HMMM just slightly - normally use £30-40 in a month (on a meter) and i am home apart from 3 days a week, and always boiling the kettle for babies bottles!!

defninately wrong - read meter see if its the same -could be an explanation even if meter reads the same so ring them


Are either of the readings estimates?
If your last bill was estimated and they read this time, it could be that the last bill was under what it should have been.
£30 a week isn't massively excessive, but does seem on the high side.
Do you live by yourself? Kids?
Could be something like the fridge/freezer on its way out and is using more electric than before.
What are your bills usually, grab the last 3 or 4 and compare them all, if this time last year it was £40 a month then it's likely something is wrong, if it was £90 for example, then its probably about right.

Original Poster

mmmm - mixed responses !!!

I thought Gas was the pocket killer these days, not the electricity - I'll have to check the meter I suppose & give them a call.


I got one last week for £270ish, but were hardly ever there and hardly have the heating on, ok we cook using gas and we do heat a lot of water but I thought that was a bit steep, I'm dreading winter.

oh and our meter was read

got a £140 water bill too...... BAD TIMES!

We saw a huge increase this quarter too. We are thinking of installing a wood burning fire before the end of the year (and back boiler). Electricity and gas is far too expensive to heat our house (5 bed).


KELLY 'N' STEVE;2428413

HMMM just slightly - normally use £30-40 in a month (on a meter) and i … HMMM just slightly - normally use £30-40 in a month (on a meter) and i am home apart from 3 days a week, and always boiling the kettle for babies bottles!!

ha ha i'm on a meter too, usually put about £25 on each (gas, Electric), every fortnight and the TV downstairs is rarely off along with the pc etc :thumbsup:

I still have an electric card meter & it works out at just over £3 a day ! I have been on the phone about this & have been told it is right ! :?
I pay my gas by the 1/4 & that is usually about £150+


I also live in a three bed semi, my electric bill is nowhere near that high.

I was also amazed that the gas bills were lower than the electric.

Original Poster

Thats what I can't fathom !

The only electric we use (during the evening & weekends) are TV, 2 fridge's, Xbox & washing machine !


See there's a problem, you are under estimating what you use straight away

If what you've said is correct then you are definately using more than you should.

Not use a PC/Laptop? Dvd player? Sky/Virgin/Freeview box? Lights? Alarm? Kettle? Microwave?

that seems really high to me my gas and lecy is on pre paid meter and i dont pay no where near that much and the OH is disabled so doesnt work and he always has elec stuff going tv pc computer normally 24/7
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