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Found 11th May 2011
Someone mentioned on here about companies who split the utility bills between all the occupants of a house. We're in a student house next year and there are 6 people.

I don't think some people are realising what it's going to cost and they're wanting to all put £20 a month into a joint account which will pay all the bills. The people in there at the moment pay about £7 or 8 a week each which is topping £30 a month so it's clear that's not enough. Also some people mentioned money worries last night!

So, if anyone knows any companies who will split the bill and charge accounts separately, if not between 6 people, then maybe just 2 as us three lads could do one and the girls could too.

We don't mind paying a little extra if it costs more this way.

Any advice would be welcome, it would be for gas and electric (maybe water) as all the other bills are fixed and we know what we're paying.

Many thanks

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hi i have worked for British gas and scottish power and as far as i am aware no energy company will split the bill, as there is only 1 meter in the property normally they will only accept 1 name on the bill and it is upto that person to make sure that the bill is paid, this has caused a lot of problems for the person who is "in charge" of the bill as it will be him/her who will be liable for the payment of the bill wether anyone else in the house pays or not

Don't make a joint account, we just have them divided between us … Don't make a joint account, we just have them divided between us obviously not everyone has one, but we've had no problems.I got the TV/Internet, made sure I got this as it's a fix price so got them to pay me in batches, have everyones money now, covering us till we leave end of August and a nice £165 cashback. :DAlso you can't just change company so your landlord might not let you change to these companies, which charge a hefty premium, we pay like £5 a week in bills I think and the bill sharing company (I forget the name wanted £12.50 each a week).

lol at the cheeky cashback , you do right mate.
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