Posted 29th Oct 2021
Hello. Has anyone had any experience with that company? I know someone that basically get people into that company and it looked doggy.

Does someone recommends it for energy supplier?

Thank you
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    Not used them for Energy but I do have 3 X unlimited mobile sims with them and so far no issues.
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    Been with them for 10+ years for energy, bb and telephone and no issues. You get more discount, the more services you have (or it used to be that way).
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    Used them in the past and never had any issues with them and it’s not a dodgy company as they been around for many years now!
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    Used to look like a pyramid scheme TBH, they got you to resell to your mates. Not looked into it as they were always more expensive than what I could get elsewhere, but one landlord tried to force us to use them when we rented a property through them.
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    I could always find things cheaper than they offered. Friend tried to get me to join but I told them that and also didn't like the way they try to sign up friends to make more money for themselves.
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    Don't do it. A friend of mine is with them and had no end of issues with direct debits "not being paid".... It usually happens when the DD is due on a weekend. It doesn't get paid but should on the first following working day, but.... Their computer system is dumb, because it automatically cancels her Internet and mobile phone on the due date. She then has to use someone else's phone to call them to rearrange her services back on because you cannot even call CS to talk about that issue!!!
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    I wouldn’t recommend any energy supplier at the moment aside from the big 6 as they will end up bust and you’ll get placed on a more expensive tariff anyway
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