Posted 17th Jul 2021
Utility Warehouse
Wi-Fi and 4G calling rollout plan - an update
12 July 2021
We’ve been working hard on a number of technical issues, including call quality and connectivity that have delayed the rollout of Wi-Fi and 4G calling to all our existing mobile customers, but these have now been fixed with BT, our Wi-Fi calling and 4G provider.
We’re on track to push this feature out to all mobile customers automatically by September. If any of your customers have poor indoor mobile signal, the UW Head Office technical team can add Wi-Fi and 4G calling manually to their devices.
We're also working on the launch of 5G, which is dependent on the launch of our Wi-Fi and 4G calling. We'll be working to make this available as soon as possible after September.
We’ll continue to keep you updated.
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