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what went missing?

Ive had it done selling some Wii games on here funny enough. I sent off £52 worth of Wii games to a member, stupidly didnt pay insurance, and could only claim up to £36. Ultimately they got lost on route to Manchester.

The ironic thing is that they want proof of sending in the form of the ORIGINAL receipt. I photocopied mine and it got rejected.... i then phoned them and said NO WAY so had to send the the original. Now what happened if the original got lost in the post and all you had was a backup of a photocopy lol :whistling:

Anyway it took ages believe me. Of course i refunded the HUKD member but it was awkward and a complete pain in the arsss.

Hope it all goes well for you... my advice is just keep at them ;-) Theyll need proof of postage in the form of the original receipt, proof of sale - i printed out the HUKD fs section i was trading in... and they also require you to fill in a large form, which i think can be downloaded from the Royal Mail website.

Recorded goes missing quite frequently, better sending special delivery. :thumbsup:

I've found that any problems with claims I've had have been sorted out quickly by posting them a letter with details of the claim. They seem to take more notice of letters than emails / phone calls.

I sent something recorded via royal mail, all it was was paperwork, but it had a value in cash upon receipt of approx £200.
Guess what it never arrived. Apparently anything sent this way isn't actually recorded untill it gets at its destination sorting office. Its not worth using this service unless its a low value item/package.
The only way to effectivly insure is to use the RM Special Delivery service..... unfortunately a fair bit more in cost than recorded.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Hope this helps

I sold a pair of boys Nike trainers on eBay and sent them recorded - they went missing/buyer didn't have to sign so wanted a freebie.

I printed out a claim form from their website, filled it in and enclosed the postage receipt (keep photocopy) and printout of eBay auction and received my cheque about 10 days later :thumbsup:

I handed my claim form into my local post office

Yep like Mrs.Z has said... the ebay final value listing page is enough. The HUKD final sale page was enough for me. I think they also contact the person who you sent it to to confirm it all, well they did with me anyway.
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