I wouldn't marry her

    I wouldnt but she is the perfect wife for sarkozy-they both believe in "open" marriage


    marina - laptop plz!

    Ok ok won't stop will you? Here you go....its pink but I'm sure you won't mind

    Was she asking? :?

    She is nothing more than an accessory to his image of being President and there to "satisfy" him in any way he deems appropriate.

    For this she gets to do whatever she wants.

    [ ] pics


    She isn't that pretty close up.

    She is a lovely singer though and I wish people would stop meddling in other people's marriages :x

    Rich heiress, born in 1967, firey Italian with French up-bringing, fairly striking looks, possibly gorgeous, talented - why wouldn't you marry her? Well you're too young, of course, Byker.:-D

    Seems like the family are prone to extra-maritals, according to Wiki.

    Though she is legally a daughter of Italian concert pianist Marisa Borini and industrialist and classical composer Alberto Bruni Tedeschi, Bruni-Sarkozy revealed to Vanity Fair in 2008 that her biological father is an Italian-born, Brazilian grocery magnate Maurizio Remmert, who, as a young classical guitarist, had a six-year affair with her mother.[3] Her sister is actress and movie director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. She also had a brother, Virginio Bruni Tedeschi (1959 - 4 July 2006), who died from complications of HIV/AIDS.[4]
    From her biological father, she has a half-sister, Consuelo Remmert.[5


    This is the weirdest thread I have seen in a while


    This is the weirdest thread I have seen in a while

    Lacking only a poem!!


    Lacking only a poem!!

    Chesso!! :lol:


    Chesso!! :lol:

    Marina!!! :-D

    Carla 10/10

    Thread 1/10

    I dont know she has a face like a dropped pie :-D

    PARIS (EJP)---Only nine weeks after meeting, French President Nicolas … PARIS (EJP)---Only nine weeks after meeting, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and ex-supermodel Italian-born singer-composer Carla Bruni-Tedeschi married in a civil ceremony Saturday in Paris. The ceremony took place in the Elysée presidential palace before 30 family and friends. The French President, 53, divorced in October from his second wife, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz. Bruni, 39, who signed her wedding certificate "Mrs. Carla Bruni Sarkozy," wore a white dress and looked "ravishing as usual," according to Paris's 8th arrondissement Mayor Francois Lebel, who officiated the 20-minute ceremony. The couple were introduced in November by French advertising magnate Jacques Seguela and soon became a public item after an excursion to Disneyland Paris on December 15 and later during a vacation in Luxor, Egypt, and Petra, Jordan. This is the second marriage for Bruni, who has been previously linked to Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, among others. Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian immigrant Pal Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa and a mother of French Catholic and and Greek Jewish origin, Andrée Mallah. Sarkozy’s Greek-born grandfather, Benico Mallah, was a physician from Salonika (northern Greece) who left for France to become a doctor. Benico was the son of Mordechai Mallah, one of the eight sons of Aaron Mallah, founder of the Rabbinical school of Salonika. Carla Bruni was born Tedeschi, the name of a Jewish family from the northern Italian Piedmont region. According to Carla’s sister, actress Valerie-Tedeschi Bruni, the paternal grandfather converted from Judaism to Catholicism during WWII. As a result of his marriage with a Catholic, the family lost contact with the Jewish community of Turin.…927
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