V festival ticket presale - anyone got a Virgin mobile number I can use just to secure tickets please?

Found 23rd Feb 2016
the V festival presales is open to buy tickets for Virgin media and Virgin mobile customers. I recently moved from Virgin mobile and thus no longer have a valid Virgin mobile number.

Is anyone able to kindly PM me a number I can use (perhaps a spare Sim or PAYG they no longer use), so that I can use this to register and qualify?

This is the website for info: keepup.virginmedia.com/v-f…fer

MANY THANKS for anyone who can help!
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can you not just get ur own paygo sim?
OP doesn't have a current virgin mobile number hence the request, and would probably need to pay for credit to get an active one
as someone who has posted 25 deals, i'd favour this poster if i had a code rather than the plethora of 0 deals 1 comment 0 likes chancers that clog up these boards
I don't think it is going to sell out any time soon so i wouldn't worry too much about a presale ticket.

can you not just get ur own paygo sim?

No, otherwise I would of course have just sourced a PAYG SIM. However, you need to have had an account since 4 Feb 2016 (specifically to prevent what we suggested!).
Anyone got a payg Virgin sim number for me to borrow just for this one off purpose?
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