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Found 30th Apr 2007
I have a 4 year old son who is always trying to steal his sisters DS.

This seems to be the best alternative but quite expensive considering how quick he will outgrow it.

Any thoughts or discounts ?

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try and get a bubble console,bandai made them but its discontinued, plenty on ebay, my 3 1/2 yr old loves it and there are loads of games, well 6, balamory, fimbles, tweenies, thomas, teletubbies and noddy, console about £15 with 1 game and games anything from £3-£10
Hi goldstink, my now 5 year old was always nabbing elder daughters GBA and although he had the v-tech hand console he still wanted the GBA so when daughter had a DS son was given her GBA which he played with far more than the v-tech hand console, for xmas we brought him the smile console for the telly in the hope he would get some use out of all the games we brought for the hand held console and have to say he plays this more than the handheld, so what im trying to say is if he is use to playing on the older kids hand held consoles your child probably wont get much use out of the v-tech, have you thought about getting the GBA or do you feel its not appropriate
Many thanks all.

I think a GBA or Micro will be the way we head.

Shame yesterdays was just so pink.:giggle:
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