V3 car charger, handsfree speaker thing-way-mee-bob

    OK hubbys b'day comming up, don't normaly spend a lot on him coz it's youngest daughters b'day too,(and he gets her as a prezzie every year anyway :wink: )
    looking at the V3 (we both have Nokia 6310i's which we love, we have had these for about 5/6 years now)
    but his one got a little wet and now sounds like you are calling from inside a tin box,
    He likes the look of the V3, although he has huge hands and i think he would have problems with the type of keys it has, Going to get a recon one from the list from ducky,

    Need to know if i can unlock the phone and where to get the cheapest hands free speaker thing from , looked on ebay but don't have a clue what all the differences are,
    want one like we have for the nokias, just clip it in and it comes through speakers already installed in the car,

    i know you will be bored now but if i get help i will shut up :lol:

    thanks xx fizzie xx


    I have one that came free with my girlfriend's V3. We don't have a car, so we don't need a car adaptor.

    I think it's of the clip and go style. Seeing as you've found some great bargains that I've used, I'll let you have it for free except for postage. Or you could pick it up from me in London.

    Obviously, it's brand new and boxed.

    PS this offer is only for fizziebabes and no one else.

    Original Poster

    cheers andi, I'll get the phone first then get back to you for postage, thanks again for your kind offer,
    fizzie xx
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